The Most Advanced Children's Activity Planner App

FamFetch makes kids’ activity scheduling and organizing pick-ups and drop-offs simpler, easier and safer. 

Famfetch is an all-in-one scheduling and carpooling app that puts you in the driver's seat when it comes to your kids' pickups and dropoffs. It is easy to schedule activities in one place, organize pick-ups and drop-offs based on real time traffic and quickly contact your ‘circle’ of trusted friends, family, neighbors or nannies to help with pickups/dropoffs when you can’t make it. Famfetch will make your life more organized and easier!


Scheduling made easy

Add the day, time and address for each activity and the app will tell you how far the drive is, what time you need to leave from your current location in order to be on time. Make someone a co-parent to ensure all your information is shared and updated automatically to make coordinating your kids' activities easy and safe.

Making ‘oh-no’ moments ‘let’s go’ moments

Stuck in traffic? Running late? No problem! FamFetch allows you to send a message, or Fetch Request, with pickup and dropoff information to your circle of trusted friends, family, neighbors or nannies. The pick-up dash board will show the invitees if they can help based on current traffic. Once they accept, you will know your children are safe and in good hands.

Be safe

Beyond your children’s names and activities, add additional information, such as allergies and a secret word, to keep them safe. 


App Features include:

  • Easy scheduling input screen with all the information you need and want to share
  • Warning system when two activities are scheduled too close for you to make it based on average traffic times
  • Link your schedule with a co-parent, nanny or grandparent to have automatic updates across apps
  • Clean and easy ‘Today’ and yearly calendar views
  • Detailed pick-up and drop-off location and information
  • Pre-set inner circle of friends, family, neighbors or nannies
  • Easy and quick pickup/dropoff request to your trusted circle of friends/family
  • Time needed to pick-up from your current location based on real-time traffic

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